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Video Transcoding Request

Please submit a separate form for each of your input items, and identify your shipped item with a short Item Label entered below, which will also be used to label your output items.

AVCHD bundles usually contain multiple clips, so give an Item Label for the whole bundle which will become the prefix for labeling items for each of the clip names in the bundle.

Apple ProRes comes in 6 different flavors. Specify which one you want in Notes.

The Sony XDCAM recording media, except for SD cards, require XDCAM devices to read them, and are not supported. They need to be transcoded into a file format listed below by a video service equiped to handle them.

* required field.

Contact Information

First name *

Last name *

email *

I have (input item)

Item Label *

I need (number of output items, or checkbox) in the following Video Formats

.mov files
.mp4 files
.mts files
.avi files
ProRes files
VHS tapes
DV tapes
YouTube posting
Vimeo posting
Audio only

Other formats (specify in Notes)


Approximate Budget
Target completion date

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